Approaching a Work-Related Neck Injury Case When Compensation is Denied


Injuries at work can be very frustrating in many situations, such as a serious neck injury. This type of bodily damage can cause a large number of problems when not treated properly or compensated fairly by employers. Thankfully, law firms like Breakstone, White & Gluck can help to make this process simpler and more accessible. By getting help from these individuals, those who need compensation for a serious neck injury at work can avoid long-lasting financial problems.

Neck Injuries are Very Painful

Suffering a neck injury at work is going to be a very painful situation. The suffering caused by this type of injury will vary in intensity based on the exact nature of the strain. Some people may just have temporary whiplash that causes them some physical and emotional troubles. Others may have had strains and sprains throughout their muscles that are quite painful and which refuse to go away properly.

This problem may cause an individual to suffer a lot of pain that makes it very hard for them to get to work regularly. When this happens, they may need worker’s compensation to help pay for their treatment and their daily bills. Unfortunately, they may find that their employer tries to deny this type of compensation or claims that the injury was not their fault and, therefore, is something that they do not have to compensate for their worker.

When this happens, it is possible to appeal this decision and get help from workers’ compensation courts. Unfortunately, this problem may worsen if the case is further denied and require the help of a personal injury lawyer to manage. Though these cases may be quite emotional to fully prosecute and take a person a lot of time to fully manage, doing them in this way can ensure that a person gets the money that they deserve after suffering a serious neck injury that they did not cause.

Lawsuits Help With a Recovery

When an individual suffers a neck injury at work and needs personal injury compensation, a good lawsuit can help pay for many different elements. These cases need to be properly prepared for to make them easier to win with minimal fuss. Just a few things that winning these types of cases can help pay for include the following financial burdens an individual may experience after a neck injury:

  • Medical Treatment – Most lawsuits can help pay for any medical treatments that you may need for a neck injury. These payments include paying for doctor’s appointments, checkups, treatments, and other elements that help to make your neck stronger and less severely injured as a result.
  • Emotional Trauma – Going through neck pain can be very troubling and may require you to get emotional support from a therapist. This type of treatment can be easily compensated in a lawsuit to ensure that you don’t end up paying too much money financially.
  • Loss of Income – When a serious neck injury takes a person out of work, they deserve compensation for their missed work. And if their employer fails to give them the money that they deserve through worker’s compensation payments, they can get help in this way.

It is important to make sure that it is possible to prove that workplace problems – such as a lack of proper safety steps – directly contributed to a person’s neck injury. Good lawyers can help to show that the employers were more to blame for an injury than the injured person, helping to boost their chances of success and giving them the best chance of succeeding in this type of lawsuit scenario.