Energy and industry according to the technological process 



In a context of strong progress, augmented reality in energy industry sistem is nothing short of important in favor of evolution. In practice, we are constantly looking for a fuse that could affect and provide the right dose of wrong technological innovation to the provision of advanced services in the sectors of industry and industrial processes, with particular reference to the rational use of energy, everything ‘ The sustainable use of fossil fuels and the end uses of energy, according to the principles of sustainable economic development, for a low carbon society. The strategy therefore reflects this industrial need to move forward, accelerate the production processes in which raw materials and energy are produced and consumed.


This development of technologies serves to improve yields and reduce the environmental impact in energy production and end uses, and for industrial applications in the refrigeration, air conditioning, aerospace, electronics and process sectors. At the same time, we hope to intensify the design, development and implementation of sensors and sensory systems dedicated to applications of industrial robotics and broad spectrum (terrestrial, marine, space, environmental, safety …). To improve industrial performance, the development and engineering of technological systems, components and processes for the sustainable use of fossil fuels is needed. The act through the optimization of combustion processes, the capture and storage of CO2, the methanation of CO2, the development of transcritical cycles, also combined, a CO2 Thanks to this evolutionary process, it is possible to achieve high levels of development of low environmental impact vehicles, both electric and hybrid, also experimenting with fuel mixtures aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.


From an analysis of the demand it is deduced that energy consumption is decreasing because on the one hand citizens use less energy to live, on the other hand technology has made it possible to increase the efficiency of resources, so as to also reduce the costs for private homes , transportation and industries. A further advantage of technological applications to the sector is evidently also the reduction in the production costs of renewable energies, from solar to wind. If we examine the offer, we observe how the same technologies at the service of the producers allow operations that were once unimaginable, thanks to the exploitation of mines and wells that were unreachable until a few years ago, to an enhancement of extraction techniques and by resorting to a careful analysis of data for predictive and management purposes.


But when did this change start? Over the past 15 years there has been a shift from a productive “super cycle” that has rocketed the prices of oil, gas and metals to a depression that has plunged them rapidly. Now, instead, we are living in an era in which industries that work with raw materials and exporting countries recompose the picture, thanks to the elements described so far, promising entirely new scenarios. Only in this way is it possible in the future to achieve a balance between the development and testing of energy storage systems in different forms and methods for effective applications.

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