How to choose the perfect summer tee


The t-shirt is a staple in most of our wardrobes, and more often than not, it’s an afterthought purchase. When there’s so many more exciting items to buy for our wardrobe, it’s no wonder we sometimes overlook the humble t-shirt. It may be a simple basic, but getting it right can transform your look and provide a flattering part of your carefully thought out ensemble. However, get it wrong and it doesn’t bear thinking about. So here’s how to get it just right…


It may seem silly that something so simple can be difficult to get right, but quality plays a huge part in the search for the perfect t-shirt. Finding a t-shirt that feels strong enough to last, but soft enough to make you happy lies in the quality. It also helps to ensure you have one that’s the right fit for your body.


According to Real Men Real Style, it’s important to know when it’s appropriate to where a t-shirt, but there’s no harm in mixing it up. A well put together t-shirt can be incredibly sharp. We’re certainly living in an era where dress codes are relaxing. A suit and tie is not only something that many of us find extremely uncomfortable, but it’s less called for than ever before. Try layering your t-shirt underneath your suit for a great way to make your formal look slightly more casual.

Look outside the box

There’s more to t-shirts than the standard crewneck. Polo shirts and long sleeves are all options for both casual and layered looks. If you go for something like the Farah grandad shirt, found at then you have a wealth of possibilities. Wear with white jeans or linen trousers, and throw a smart blazer over the top to take you to every occasion.

Whilst you’d be forgiven for thinking all t-shirts are the same, looking outside the box and mixing up your usual style can really breathe in a fresh lease of life to your regular look. That’s not saying there’s anything wrong with your usual jeans and a tee, or with throwing on a trusty t-shirt as an easy style option – just make sure it’s the right one for you and your personal style.