Free Collect Delivery Service


We offer a Free Vehicle Collect delivery Mot Service Reading in our city, but we are willing to go a little further if it is needed at the lowest possible charge. We understand the needs of our clients, and we care about them. We will never do anything on our own without your authority. Below, read all about our services and us.

How Does Free Collect Delivery Service Work?

If you are wondering how the whole procedure works, it’s very simple. We will call you as soon as we leave our garage to let you know that we’re headed for your vehicle. Once the job is done, you will be informed by phone about the price and payment method. After this, we return your vehicle to you.

Our free collect delivery mot reading service does not charge any extra fees for this. Our only goal is the best deal on collect and delivery service. We make every effort to adapt to our clients, so we always strive to arrange to collect and deliver back to you at the time that suits you best, as well as to see if you have any special requirements. If you are traveling by train or by plane, we can pick up your vehicle from the parking spot if you leave us your spare keys. We also offer you the opportunity to drive your car to us and then we will take you to the station. We guarantee quality Free Car collect delivery Reading!

What Do You Need To Know About Us?

Before you entrust this job to any of the services, you must know the quality of the service being offered. That’s why we’re here to save you from the hassle of finding the right service. Why do we say this? Because our service center is fully equipped to make our service fast and quality when you need it. To be sure of our service, we need to tell you that all of our mechanics and crew members are qualified for this job and have vast experience. That’s why you should always opt for a highly experienced service, which gives you a better chance of being fully satisfied. And this is not all. Our mechanics are fully licensed, which guarantees valid mot inspection. You can always ask one of our employees for his license, or even better ask some of the people who have used our service – a satisfied client is the best advertisement and in our case, a satisfied client is the only possible client! Keep in mind that hiring unlicensed companies runs the risk of getting an invalid inspection, which can ultimately lead to different legal issues.

Costs Of Services

Our customers always come first and therefore we are aware that you have other extra living expenses in addition to this.

That is why we have tried to adapt our prices so that all citizens can use our services. To make it easy for you to find a reliable and experienced car service, we offer a complete service in one package with the free collect delivery service.

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