Social media tips for online retailers


Social media is now so pervasive that online retailers who don’t try to cash in on it will find themselves seriously missing out. How can you use social media effectively to communicate to customers? Here are some top tips.

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Social media makes the running of competitions easier than ever. The admin is virtually zero, and the exposure is limitless. Make sure the competition offers something back to you as a retailer, whether it’s likes, shares or comments.

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Sales and Discounts
Let’s be honest: the main reason any customer follows or likes an online retailer is to discover sales and discounts. Make sure you release exclusive discounts that are only available to those who have liked or shared your page. It’s also a great way to get rid of discounted stock that you want to shift quickly.

In-store Events
If you operate a physical store as well as an online version, you can use social media to alert customers to events that are happening in your store, whether it’s the release of new in store media from, a brand-new layout, or perhaps someone exciting is visiting the store. Use social media to shout it from the rooftops.

Instagram’s Shopping Feature
Instagram has finally released a shopping feature for online retailers. This means that in addition to simply having an Instagram feed, you can now actually sell from there. It works by tagging products in photos, which highlights the price and details and creates a direct link to the product purchase page on the retailer site.

Facebook Shop

Facebook Shop is nothing more than a feature that you need to activate, and the good news is that it’s really easy to use. The products that you feature in your feed will be complemented by product information, price, and a link that takes visitors directly to the retailer checkout with the product in their basket. One of the great things about Facebook Shop is that it automatically means your products are also listed on Facebook Marketplace. There is no limit to the number of products you can add here, and Facebook can also help you list and organise them.

As you can see, social media can have a major positive impact on the success of online retailers, so what are you waiting for?