The Health Benefits of Playing Hockey


Hockey is a sport which gives the body a full workout using a variety of muscles, core strength and fitness. Whether it is field or ice hockey, the fast pace and aerobic requirements of the sport mean all areas of the body benefit, including the mind.


Cardiovascular exercise is when the heart rate goes up and breathing becomes faster, resulting in the burning of more calories. This helps maintain a healthy weight and builds up the body’s immune system. Due to the stop-start nature of hockey, the body has short recovery periods before working out again, which means it is high-intensity training.


Hockey requires strong muscles in the legs and upper body. This improves bone density and strength, making the body less prone to injury. It is also easier to maintain health and fitness as players get older.


Hockey requires players to change direction, make quick decisions and react under pressure and with precision. These skills require coordination and communication and can benefit players in all areas of life, not just on the muga pitch. Players’ day-to-day lives at school, work and home, both on and off the field, can also improve.


All exercise is good for the brain, and the mental health benefits are well highlighted in the media. Exercise causes endorphins to be released into the body, and this in turn can improve mood and attitude and therefore enhance all areas of life.


Like all sports, playing hockey can result in injury if not played correctly. Always wear the correct sports gear, make sure you understand and obey the rules and ensure there is a referee keeping control of the game. Companies such as provide hockey training drill videos for coaches and players at all levels, from beginner to experienced.

Hockey has become increasingly popular since the success of the Women’s GB Hockey Team in the 2016 Olympics. The men’s team have also been enjoying recent success and have reached the World Cup semi-finals in India.


All exercise has health benefits for both the body and mind. Taking care of our bodies and our wellbeing is essential in today’s world, and playing a team sport such as hockey can have a very positive impact on a person’s life that will last for years.