Which fabrics should you wear and avoid in summer?


Summer can bring weeks of intense heat, sunshine and soaring temperatures, so it’s essential to stay cool whether you’re on business or enjoying nights and weekends socialising. There are some fabrics that you can wear to help you stay as cool as possible, while others should be avoided to prevent excessive sweating.

Cotton is the perfect breathable fabric for summer

Cotton is a good choice for all climates, and it is especially perfect for places with a dry heat or intense humidity. It’s a natural fibre that enables air to move freely. Garments made from lightweight cotton will enable the easy absorption of moisture. However, cotton can crease easily, so if you are packing your suitcase for the holidays, it may be better to choose a selection of cotton-polyester blend garments.

Linen is another ideal choice for summer because it absorbs moisture and allows the skin to breathe. The material used in the garments makes it less likely to stick to your skin. Dresses and trousers made from linen can wrinkle easily, especially in the suitcase, so seek out linen blends for crease-free attire.

Chambray is perfect for the heat of mid-summer

Chambray is a lightweight, plain weave cloth that is perfect for the heat of summer. If you love wearing denim but don’t want the heaviness associated with it, chambray is the ideal material choice with its slightly mottled finish.

If you are ready to shine for summer, a range of lightweight dresses can be obtained from various retailers, including https://www.axparis.com/collections/summer-dresses. According to NBC News, there are many versatile summer dresses on the market that will double up as office wear and evening wear.

On the other hand, there are several types of fabrics that should not be worn in summer, including polyester. The fabric is water-resistant and does not absorb moisture, so wearing garments made of polyester means you could become a prisoner of your own sweat.

Similarly, denim shorts or three-quarter-length jeans are not ideal choices for summer as the material is heavyweight and does not allow the skin to breathe. It can increase sweat and lead to chafing, and it can make for an uncomfortable experience during hot spells. It can also feel heavy, so this fabric is best left until autumn and winter make their appearances.