Canada Welcomes Immigrants in Need


Contrary to cultural wisdom, immigrants come from all walks of life and leave their homelands for equally diverse reasons. Some people move in search of better jobs or opportunities unavailable in the old country. Others resettle to live with family members. More arrive as asylum seekers or refugees fleeing dire circumstances at home. Whatever one’s purpose, Canada is a nation known for its citizens’ quality of life and a willingness to make citizens of arrivals who can contribute to society.

Demand for Skilled Labour

People compelled to change countries commonly discover that all the education received in their native land suddenly counts for nothing in their new land. Instead of starting from scratch, Canada accepts “economic immigrants” for skills already acquired. Canada is bigger than the United States but much less populated. Various positions are, accordingly, open across the country, especially in the interior. Those who plan on migrating to Canada from UK or similar places and possess valuable expertise can be fast-tracked for permanent residency through Canada’s federal Express Entry system, or as a “Provincial Nominee” by a Canadian employer. Special programs exist for white-collar professionals, skilled tradesmen, and experienced young workers from certain countries.

Social Supports

Canada has been called North America’s Scandinavia, alluding to its generous social services and quality of life akin to the Nordic countries. Canadians, in general, are some of the world’s healthiest and best-educated people. This can be attributed to their first-rate healthcare and education systems, both of which are universally accessible to all citizens and permanent residents at little to no cost. Another advantage for migrants is Canada’s hospitable official stance on diversity, adopting a model known as the “cultural mosaic” or “salad bowl” in contrast to the “melting pot” approach of other Western nations. Immigrants are encouraged to preserve their heritage in the belief that the positive aspects can be appreciated and incorporated into mainstream society. Despite this lack of emphasis on blending in, most migrants and their families do assimilate, and with fewer reports of ethnic and racial tension than in America or Europe.

Easy Naturalization

Canada’s recent spike in immigration is likely due to the relative simplicity of the naturalization process compared with the USA or European nations. In fact, Canada absorbs more migrants per capita than anywhere else. The principal citizenship requirements are to have lived and worked as a permanent resident for three of the past five years, to be fluent in English or French, and to pass a citizenship test.

With its progressive policies and other merits, clearly Canada cannot be discounted by migrants looking for a new life in a new land.