Why YouTube Freezes Up – Here Is The Fix


YouTube is one of the most famous video sharing website which allows users to upload, share and view videos. This free video sharing website uses Adobe Flash Technology besides HTML 5 to play videos. Although videos open fine most of the times but sometimes users encounter various errors such as YouTube freezes at any time of the day.

Besides its popularity many users complain that they face problem while watching videos. The problem is that YouTube freezes up very often and sometimes it hangs for seconds and sometimes buffering for long intervals. While watching videos it is very annoying when it stops responding. YouTube freezing problem is in almost all browsers but it regularly occurs when you are using Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

There are several reasons why YouTube freezes. Few of them are multiple programs running at the same time, low RAM, Bad Internet Connection, massive browsers junk and the corruption in Windows registry.

In order to fix YouTube Freezing problem, below are few tips to help you watch videos smoothly.

  1. Minimize the number of programs you are running on your computer.
    3. Add RAM, more RAM is helpful in execution of heavy programs.
    4. Clean System Junk (temporary files, cookies etc)
    5. Clear your Browser’s Cache.
    6. If you are using dialup internet connection then upgrade it, speak to your Internet Services Provider if it’s the error at their end.
    7. Last but not least-Regularly clean your Windows Registry and Optimize PC. Registry is vital part of operating system where it stores highly sensitive information for important computing functions. If you have corrupted or damaged registry entries then it may cause your YouTube to perform slower then you desire. To fix the issue, you may use best Windows Registry Cleaner and PC Optimizer.