5 Reasons Why Twitter Matters


We’ve all heard about Twitter – the newest and hottest social networking site on the block. Twitter allows you to send 140 character messages instantaneously across the web. But does it really matter? How important is Twitter for business? With just a glance over the subject, we can clearly see five big reasons why twitter matters, and why you should pay attention:

  1. People love to share. This is true for the internet at large, but it’s even more true with Twitter. Human beings love to share things with each other, and Twitter allows us to do that in a modern way.
  2. You can command authority. If you’re using Twitter in the right way, you’re building authority amongst your readership. Twitter allows you to command credibility based on what you’ve said, or recommended in the past. Because of it’s short, hyper nature Twitter is perfect for marketers of all sorts.
  3. Its hip. This might seem like a trivial reason – but it’s actually not! It’s tremendously importantly. Twitter has an aura of cool, of being hip. That sort of aura attracts other users, and quickly snow balls into a cultural event – and that’s what’s happening with Twitter right now. Even if your friends and competitors aren’t using the service today, you can be sure that in twelve months from now they will be. And that’s exactly why you need to get in on the ground floor.
  4. Hyper-branding. If you’re a business, Twitter allows your customers to hyper-engage with your brand. This is a very practical way of rapidly increasing brand loyalty. Be careful though, this can work the other way. Remember how people love to share? That includes complaining.
  5. it’s a small world. Twitter localizes our online interactions. The internet seems like a big place – and it is – but Twitter strengthens our real world connections and friendships by shrinking the digital distance between us.

Those are the five big reasons why Twitter matters!