Can I Install a wind turbine on my property?


Nobody enjoys paying the utility bills. As the electricity bills keep going higher, the possibility of setting up an alternative energy system might have crossed your mind. You might have even looked around to see if your place can work with a wind turbine.

Well, a domestic wind energy production system is an ideal alternative energy source; it is renewable, non-polluting, and might save you money.

Hold on, don’t get ahead of yourself just yet.

There are various considerations before you can set up a wind turbine in your home. The wind is not one of them. You might live in a windy location yet still not put up turbines due to policies. You might also stay in a less windy neighborhood and set up a successful wind electric production system.

Off-Grid residential power regulations 

The first consideration before setting up a small offshore wind technology system is the regulations. The local policies determine if you can put up the system in the first place. It also directs the kind of wind turbines to use and the residential setup.

For those living in the US, the US Department of Energy guides that you must be staying in a residential space of not less than 1 acre to set up a domestic wind energy system.

Those who live in the city and suburbs will find it hard to install the wind turbines irrespective of the wind conditions. Those who live in rural tend to have more home space. They are likely to have enough open space to set up the wind turbines.

The type of wind turbine is also vital for the regulations. The regulations are primarily in place to protect you, your property, and the others within your surrounding.

Installation and Maintenance 

Now that you have determined your home’s suitability for wind energy proceed with the installation. The first step is to understand your home’s energy needs. Speak to the wind turbine manufacturer to help you find the best system for your home.

The next step is to understand the various wind energy variables. Ask yourself different questions like, Do I know how to mount the turbines? Do I have the tools to erect the tower safely? Do I know everything about electricity safety? And do I know the difference between direct (DC) and alternate current (AC)?

A no to any of the above questions means you are not qualified to install the system independently. Look for a qualified installer to help you. Or let the wind turbine manufacturer dealer everything from purchase to installation.

Once you have your system running, the maintenance determines how much you gain. Work with an expert for periodical checkups, then use information from this website for regular maintenance best practices.

Can you install a wind turbine on your property?

Yes, you can install a wind turbine on your property. However, you must first meet all the legal provisions. Only use the suitable wind turbine and on the correct location. Also, work with a professional for installation and maintenance.