Why Getting Dry Tattooing Stretch Marks


Looking beautiful is your right but ugly stretch marks or scarring can hinder this from happening. Many women look for creams and lotions to get rid of ugly-looking marks permanently. However, these traditional methods take long to work and do not remove the scars permanently. But do not dishearten yourself because concealing these stretch marks instantly is no longer impossible through modern techniques like dry tattooing.

Although dry tattooing for stretch marks works best to cover the ugly scarring and stretch marks, it effectively replaces an ugly looking body part into an attractive and sexy skin. The process not only removes the scarring but also helps stretch marks naturally restore their original colors. It is also handy in reducing the depth, width, and shine of stretch marks.

What is Dry Tattooing?

Dry tattooing refers to advanced micro-needling or MAC Micro-Needling that helps grow new skin and melanin the natural pigment of your skin. Experts sometimes combine the treatment with derma roller or derma pen skin needling methods, especially on loose skin areas that lack sufficient elasticity. Dry tattooing does not involve tattoo pigment. It is suitable for all skin colors. The process includes applying an effective numbing cream before beginning the procedure and using a micro-needle to make a tattoo on the affected skin or area.

Benefits of Dry Tattooing

 Dry tattooing helps fill the sunken stretch marks. It also lets blurred-edge stretch marks get blurred into the surrounding skin. Dry tattooing also works on loose wide stretch marks by filling and firming them. The best part of dry tattooing is that it enables the white shiny marks and pink stretch marks to begin normalizing in color. Besides covering stretch marks with beautiful art design, dry tattooing can isolate wrinkles and scars to persuade collagen production in the skin.

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